Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple….and now SetaCoin?

Bitcoin began trading in 2010, as the first bitcoin exchange opened in March 2010 with a per-coin value of $0.003. Bitcoin has had since then quite a rally, with the price up to $17,000 as per December 8, 2017.To illustrate just how impressive this rally has been, let’s say you had the foresight (or good luck) to purchase $10 worth of bitcoin at the time the first bitcoin exchange opened in March 2010. Based on the $0.003 per-coin price at the time, your $10 would have purchased 3,333 bitcoins. Only a few days ago if you would have tried to sell all your bitcoins you would have cashed $56,661,000.

Since then, the market got flooded with coins: Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Ripple and a few other thousands coins. As a matter of fact, right in this moment as we are writing this analysis, somewhere in the world are running a few ICO – Initial Coin Offer for some new coins, ready to entry this crazy market.

Among these new cryptocurrencies, there is one in particular that caught our attention: SetaCoin (XTS).

The currency is not backed by any government and cant be physically held in your hands. Its just out therein the etherand protected by blockchain, a digital recordkeeping system thats so secure many banks are considering a move toward adopting it as the backbone of their payment systems.

Some small businesses, particularly online retailers, are considering accepting setacoin as another means of payment. Once you start accepting setacoin in your company youll have to ask yourself what business youre really in: your business, or the currency business.

If you ask yourself, why this? Why SetaCoin? The answer is very simple: we like SetaCoin current pricing and business model. We consider there is a good margin to make interesting profits investing in SetaCoin.

Based on Bitcoin experience, where a $10 investment turned in a few millions dollars, we are considering making a small investment in SetaCoin and monitor this coin very closely.