EUR/USD Forecast Oct. 9-13, 2017

EUR/USD trading is often choppy, especially when it is confined to narrow ranges. When the pair is in trend, past technical lines, even those from 2003, are respected quite nicely. The euro-zone economies are growing at a robust pace in 2017. Unemployment is falling and even core inflation is finally rising. All this has led to optimism that […]

USD/PLN inverted H&S pattern

While most of the traders are concentrating on majors and some highly “famous” crosses as EUR/JPY or GBP/AUD, the Forex market is offering us a BUY signal on an Exotic Forex pair, which most of the traders are afraid to trade due “higher” spreads. What most forex traders do not realize is that “higher” spread […]

AUD/NZD next target 1.07500

After a long period of time when AUD/NZD was somehow flat, yesterday after RBNZ policy statement this currency pair finally triggered a BUY signal on breaking the resistance at 1.05600. In the past 10 weeks, AUD/NZD traded in a sort of a range between 1.05600 and 1.03200. On January 31st, AUD/NZD had a failed attempt […]